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Interpet Minipond Foam 2000


Blagdon Minipond and MidiPond Fountain Pumps are good pumps with a great selection of fountain heads and attachments in the box.

Product Information

A range of fountain pumps from Blagdon - one of the most respected names in UK water gardening.

These pumps have a modern cage design, with no foam filter and a high surface area. This means that maintenance is much easier and less frequent than with old fashioned pond pumps. The cage is easy to open and put back together and can be cleaned effectivley with a hosepipe.

The range of fountain heads that come weith the Minipond and Midipond pumps lets you do almost any kind of fountain you like. There are four types with the 2000 and 5 types with the larger models.

Each pump comes with a range of fittings so that a hose can be attached. This is useful for running a waterfall, spitting statue or filter box. There is also a tap included that can be put into the hose letting you control the flow to your waterfall or feature from a conveient place. On most pumps you'd have to get to the pump itself which uis usually in the middle of the pond.

Blagdon are a trusted UK water gardening brand and the Blagdon Minipond and Midipond are their most up to date fountain pumps

  • 3 Year guarantee
  • 5 different fountain heads included (4 on the Minipond 2000)
  • Selection of hosetails to fit hose sizes 12-25mm

For more information take a look at our Minipond and Midipond info page.

Here at Bradshaws we stock the complete Blagdon pond Equipment range.

Sku: INMPPF0200

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