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HZVT Hozelock Vorton UVC Information

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Hozelock Vorton UVC Information

ModelMax FlowLPHHose Size mmWattage
Vorton 9 1500 20-40 9
Vorton 11 2000 20-40 11
Vorton 18 3000 20-40 18
Vorton 22 3750 20-40 22
Vorton 36 6000 20-40 36
Vorton 55 9250 20-40 55

The Hozelock Vorton UVC has been on the market for several years now, becoming a firm favourite with water gardeners. Due to an outstanding reliability record, and with some different to other UVC key features, and teamed together with the popular British brand name of Hozelock, its definite that the Hozelock Vorton UVC will be around for a long while to come yet!

Please note that the bulb is not already installed in a new Vorton, it is secured in place inside the lid as shown in the picture!

Hozelock Vorton UVC Information 1

Vorton UVC Key Features

Operating Temperature and Guarantee

The Hozelock Vorton UVC comes with a 2 year guarantee for peace of mind. With sturdy casings and careful product design Hozelock have ensured that the  Vorton is kept always to an optimum temperature. You can be safe then in the kowledge that on the Vorton UVC there is going to be no issues of over-heating which can sometimes occur with other uvc's. This also means that the bulbs are kept at the right temperature to promote maximum flocculation (clumping together) of the algae that passes through the Hozelock Vorton UVC.

More Efficient Bulb

The singled ended bulbs that Hozelock use in the Vorton UVC produce up to 30% more light than the old strip lights. They also run at full efficiency for 60% of the time so you're not loosing out on performance like with some other models, and you will never have to change your bulb more than once a season!

Improved Water Contact With UV Bulb

The design of the Vorton 9, Vorton 11 and the Vorton 22 is unique to Hozelock, it has a spiralled looking body shape that acts as a turbulator. This helps to slow down the water flow that is passing through the UV, then it spirals the water around the  UV bulb. This allows the water more contact time with the  UV light that is being released by the bulb, which in turn should allow for more flocculation (clumping together) of algae.

Glow In The Dark

Like with most of the UVC's on the market the Hozelock Vorton has translucent hosetails on the inlet and outlet, these give indication at night whether or not the  UV bulb is working. If you are  experiencing green water problems, usually 9 times out of 10 the bulb has come to the end of its life, or the quartz sleeve is dirty. The translucent hosetails will give you a definite answer as to whether the bulb is working. Even if the bulb is still working remember you always have to change the  bulb every spring, as  UV bulbs only work to their optimum for 8000-9000 hours, they will light up after this but will be producing little UV rays to make any real difference to the algae.

Fully Rotational

Another feature of the Vorton is that its fully rotational without having to undo any screws or use any tools. The main body of the Vorton UVC unit can rotate 360°, to rotate the Vorton can be a little stiff to turn at first because of the silicone sealing lubricant used, but if you use both hosetail outlets as a lever it will rotate. This gives the Vorton superb versatility, and allows the Vorton to be placed almost anywhere, as the hosetails can face in any direction. The Vorton also has a mounting bracket which can be screwed into place on a wall, fence or shed giving the Vorton more protection from the elements.

How to Maintain a Vorton UVC

Hozelock Vorton UVC Information 2

Hozelock Vorton UVC Information 3

After taking the bulb out of the sleeve in the lid, you can go about opening up the Vorton UVC unit. As you can see in the picture I have already fitted the translucent hosetails, as later on it will make opening up the Vorton easier having them on. The first thing you need to do is take out the screw shown in the right hand side picture, the single screw is raised out of the body of the Vorton in rectangular shaped moulding. Do not unscrew either of the other screws that sit horizontal from each other, one is a specialised allen key screw and these are for the manufacturer's purposes only.

Hozelock Vorton UVC Information 4

To open up and install the  UV bulb in the Hozelock unit, is really simple when you know how to do it. I find it easier to put the hosetails on the  UVC unit as they act as a lever. As shown in the picture hold one hosetail with your prefered hand, then use your other hand to sit behind the electrical wire outlet. Doing this will create a lever which will allow the  UVC unit to turn anti-clockwise, this will gently release the unit and you will see where you took the screw out from will have moved. Once you have done this you can pull the unit out slightly and then twist back on its self. If in doubt please watch the video at the bottom of the screen.

Hozelock Vorton UVC Information 5

Hozelock Vorton UVC Information 6

Once you have removed the end cap from the Hozelock Vorton, you will be able to see the quartz sleeve. You will need a phillips head screwdriver to remove this before fitting the UV bulb. Once unscrewed, turn the quartz sleeve holder anti clockwise and this will release the quartz. If you are doing this for the first time the quartz will be clean and free from algae. If however you are changing the bulb after the first season, always wipe the quartz sleeve clean with a damp cloth, if the quartz is dirty it will allow less UV light to pass through and will stop the  UV from functioning properly. Remember that the quartz sleeve is very fragile so don't be over zealous when cleaning!

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