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Hozelock Aquaforce Pump Information

The Hozelock Aquaforce filter pump range replaced the old Titan filter pumps, the 7 models were first unveiled to the industry in September 2009. The Hozelock Aquaforce had previously been on test for 2 years, where it underwent numerous gruelling tests, in some of the worst water conditions possible. The Aquaforce excelled and then sailed through flow rate and efficiency testing to exceed Hozelock's expectations. All this testing has lead to the pump that you see on the market now.



New Design Filter Case

The new 'power case' design allows the pump to have a huge surface area of 229 sq cm, this design was not just to make the pump easier to open and handle, as this pump does come with an integrated carry handle and briefcase style clips. The design was in fact to help increase the water flow through the Aquaforce, having a much larger surface area compared to the older style Titan allows the Aquaforce to perform much longer in dirtier conditions, due to the cage not clogging as fast. One key design feature that remains from the old Titan is the new and improved wildlife protection system, this can now be either clipped in place or removed, which again aids water flow through the Aquaforce when not in place. The protection system, makes the intake holes in the filter pump smaller, so animals such as fish, newts and tadpoles are unable to be sucked into the caging which could block the impeller.


The new TUV (similar to the BS or ISO) approved motors mean that the Hozelock Aquaforce is up to a remarkable 71% more efficient than the older style Titan pumps, this will help you to save a noticeable amount on your electrical costs! The reason behind this percentage is the unique conical shaped impeller design and the self cooling system, these help to make sure that your Aquaforce is never going to overheat and that the motor is always running at its perfect operating conditions. This is partly the reason why Hozelock can offer such a great 3 year warranty with this product, the other reason is the efficient thrust washers that are used within the Aquaforce. Thrust washers are a long wearing flat bearing, they transmit and resolve axial force that are present in rotating mechanisms, which in turn helps keep everything aligned, (basically they help to prevent any friction on the motor and absorb any impacts from debris inside the pump's caging).


The Hozelock Aquaforce can be used either laid flat or stood upright, which allows you perfect control of where your pump will sit in your pond. As mentioned previously the carrying handle will make this filter pump really easy to lift out of your pond. Another brilliant feature is that the  Aquaforce can be run on dry land as long as the satellite strainer remains in your pond, once again giving you lots of options, this will also in no way affect the warranty! As just touched upon the Hozelock Aquaforce comes with a secondary inlet, these second inlets are becoming very popular with all filter pumps. The secondary inlet is connected via a flow adjuster, giving you full control of how much water you draw from either a satellite strainer or a skimmer, this handy feature makes the Hozelock Aquaforce a popular choice for people with surface debris problems.

Setting up and cleaning info

Aquaforce Pump 1

Shown below is the Hozelock Aquaforce, in the first picture you can see how you will receive your  Aquaforce when the cage is opened. In this eco friendly packaging, all the contents are hidden under the wildlife protection casing. The wildlife protection caging as you can see in the picture is designed to sit underneath the main cage of your Aquaforce filter pump. This reduces the size of the intake on the grille of the filter pump, so therefore reduces the risk of any smaller animals from getting into the cage. If however you would prefer not to use the wildlife protection caging simply remove it, store it in a safe place (in case you change your mind). In the bottom right picture you can see how the pump will look for most peoples setups, the wildlife protection cage has been removed and the hosetail and ball joint have been screwed into place, it really is that simple. The only thing you need to do is fit your hose and clips (remember to cut the hosetail accordingly) then connect the pump to your waterfall or filter and your filter pump is ready.

Aquaforce Pump 2

Flow Adjuster For Secondary inlet

In the picture below I have fitted the flow adjuster for the secondary inlet, this gives you total control of exactly how much water is pulled through your skimmer or strainer. The flow adjuster is a simple screw fitting, you can control the flow by rotating the light grey section of the flow adjuster while it is in place. I would suggest if being used in conjunction with a skimmer and you have a particular problem with surface debris to leave the flow adjuster almost fully open like shown, this will allow the most water to be drawn through you skimmer.

Aquaforce Pump 3

Taking Apart For Cleaning

As with any filter pump from time to time you will need to fully take it apart and clean all the internal caging and parts. It really is a simple five minute job, which will help dramatically increase the longevity of your filter pump. To clean out the cage is simply a case of opening up the cage via the two clips on the front, removing the pump and then just hose clean, after that use a sponge to remove any finer bits of debris that remain. Once you have cleaned the cage, you will need to remove and clean the impeller and the inner body of the pump. All you have to do is remove the three screws from the front of the Aquaforce, (as shown below) then take out the impeller and clean with a damp sponge and then wipe out the inside of the pump also. This is such a simple job, 9 times out of 10 when we receive pumps back that are faulty, this is because the impeller has become clogged with sludge.

Aquaforce Pump 4

Aquaforce Pump 5

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