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Hozelock Bioforce Revolution Information

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Hozelock Bioforce Revolution Product Review/Information

Bioforce Revolution - Cleaning

The Hozelock Bioforce was the first pressurised filter unit that we sold here at Bradshaws Direct in 1999. The latest design has changed almost beyond recognition. In its newest form the Bioforce has the most innovative and efficient cleaning system of any pressurised filter available. Bioforce Revolution Kit - With Aquaforce Pump

These filters are also available as a kit that includes the efficient and easy to maintain Hozelock Aquaforce Pump 

Easy Cleaning:

The NEW Hozelock Bioforce Revolution contains a patented type of foam, the Cypricube. These are small (20mm) cubes of foam that float around inside the body of the filter. Once the pump is turned on they are pushed toward the top of the filter body and form a mat of foam that strains out the solids as you'd expect from a normal pressurised filter. After a while the flow rate will reduce as the foams are getting clogged up, this is the time to clean the filter. Turn the dial on the top to 'clean' and the water flow will reverse. This breaks up the mat of Cypricubes inside the Hozelock Bioforce Revolution. A winding handle on the top turns a kind of paddle inside the body of the filter, this bashes the Cypricube foams and removes all of the dirt from them. This dirt is then flushed out of the filter and away to waste. Turn the filter dial back to run and you're done.

In a 'normal' pressurised filter the foams are in thick layers, and while these are good for cleaning the water, when it comes to cleaning the foam it is really only possible to clean the outside. Further into the foam the dirt will build up and this isn't cleaned by the standard reverse-flush techniques that most filters have. Over time the performance difference between a 'normal' pressurised filter and the new Hozelock Bioforce Revolution will become more marked. Every time you clean the Revolution its foams should go back to being as clean as they were when it was first installed. This is not the case with other types of pressure filter.

The winding handle is very sturdily made. Hozelock have a lot of experience in making winding gear from their hose reels that are so popular, meaning this mechanism will give years of trouble free use.

Easy Set Up and Hiding: 

Hozelock Bioforce Revolution - Partially HiddenPressure filters are the obvious choice when you want to have a clean and clear pond but you don't want an unsightly filter spoiling the look of your garden. The Hozelock Bioforce Revolution in common with other pressure filters can be part buried in the ground. As long as the lid is still above the ground, so that you can operate the cleaning mechanism, it will be fine. This means that you can hide the filter more easily than a traditional box filter. The other advantage of a pressurised filter is that it can be put anywhere in the hose line from the pump to the waterfall. Box filters have to be placed at the top of your waterfall, right at the point where most people will look when admiring the pond. A pressurised filter like the Hozelock Bioforce Revolution can be put next to the pond, behind a convenient shrub or behind the mound that your waterfall is on. You have many more options for siting these filters and so can make your garden look much nicer.



These filters use K3 media to provide a home for friendly bacteria. It is these bacteria that change the fish waste in your pond into food for plants. If fish get ill it is usually because this process has gone a little wrong. K3 is the best kind of media available, it has a very high surface area so that the bacteria have plenty of room to colonise.

UVC Unit and Bulb:

The Ultra Violet Clarifiers in the Hozelock Bioforce Revolution filters are very powerful for their class, with a much higher wattage per litre ratio than any previous Bioforce model. As with all UVCs the bulb should be changed each spring to ensure peak efficiency when the sun is strongest and green water is more likely. If you have a Hozelock Bioforce Revolution and a pump that are the right size for your pond then you are guaranteed to have clear water.

Hozelock Bioforce Performance Chart

Bioforce Revolution ModelMax Pond Size without fishMax Pond Size with fishMax Flow (lph)UVCHoze SizePump supplied with the Kit
6000 12000 Litres 6000 Litres 2500 18w 25-40mm Aquaforce 4000
9000 18000 Litres 9000 Litres 4000 24w 25-40mm Aquaforce 6000
14000 28000 Litres 14000 Litres 6000 36w 25-40mm Aquaforce 8000

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