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Hozelock Air Pumps for Small and Medium Sized Ponds


Hozelock Air Pumps.

Suitable for small and medium sized garden ponds

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Product Information

These air pumps form Hozelock are economical to run and are just the thing for adding essential oxygen for small to medium ponds. The robust weatherproof casing means they can be easily installed outside, withstanding the weather and offering long lasting service.

Adding oxygen to your pond is essential, especially in the summer period when the pond water is warmer (and so retains less oxygen). They can also be of great benefit in more densely stocked ponds. Your fish will be more active in an oxygen rich pond, meaning you can enjoy your fish’s antics when you most want to – in the spring and summer season. An air pump will also add water movement, preventing more stagnant patches and can even help to keep an area of the pond surface ice free in the winter time.

Hozelock Air Pumps all run at low wattage, yet still give amazing performance – saving you money and being kinder to the environment at the same time.

  • Ideal for adding essential oxygen to small to medium ponds
  • Robust weatherproof casing for long lasting service and easy installation outside of the pond
  • As well as adding oxygen these pumps will add movement to the water preventing stagnant patches
  • The movement of the water means that these pumps can help keep an area of the pond surface ice free in the winter months

Each model comes with everything you need including air stones, air tubing and cable. See below for details:

Air Pump 320:

  • 2 x 3cm air stones
  • 2 x outlets
  • 10m of air tube (4mm)
  • 3m of power cable

Air Pump 640:

  • 4 x 3cm air stones
  • 4 x outlets
  • 10m of air tube (4mm)
  • 3m of power cable

Air Pump 1500:

  • 2 x 5cm air stones
  • 1 x manifold with 5 outlets
  • 2 x 10m of air tube (4mm)
  • 10m of power cable

Hozelock Air Pump Performance Table


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