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FEED Fish Feeding Information

What should I feed my fish?

You should only feed the fish in your pond when the water temperature is above 4ºc.

There are several different types of food available; what you feed your fish will usually depend on the temperature of your pond and what type of fish you have.

Wheatgerm Food

When your pond water is above 4ºc but below 10ºc you should feed your fish wheatgerm food. In cold weather, fish have a slower metabolism; wheatgerm food is much easier for them to digest at this time than other types of food.

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Pond Sticks

Once the temperature in your pond is over 10ºc then you can feed other types of food. Pond sticks float on the surface of the water and will provide your fish with all the goodness it needs to stay healthy. You can also buy pond sticks which are specially formulated for koi carp.

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Sinking Food

This type of food sinks to the bottom of the pond and is designed for bottom-feeding fish such as tench, sterlet and sturgeon.

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Pond Flakes

This type of floating food is delicate and breaks down easily, so any size of pond fish can nibble at it.

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Growth Food

Designed to help boost the growth of your fish. This floating food should only be given to fish in summer. It also contains spirulina to help enhance the colour of fish.

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Automatic Fish Feeders

Automatic Fish Feeders are ideal for feeding your fish when you are away. We have a range available, including the Velda Fish Feeder which has an electronic control unit and a 3 litre capacity.

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