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Evolution Aqua Sinking Airline - 4mm


Evolution Aqua Sinking Airline 4mm - Innovative new Self Sinking Airline. Robust and hardwearing, UV, kink and crack resistant.
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Product Information

Evolution Aqua have created an innovative new self sinking airline. It simply drops to the bottom of the pond without any need for additional weights, making for much more discreet and easy to hide options for your airline.

The black airline is made from a PVC based compound and has a high UV light resistance as well as being resistant to kinking and cracking. This line is 4mm in diameter and is available as a 100m reel or you can order by the metre. Just enter the required number of metres in the quantity box of the 'By the Metre' option.

  • Innovative new self sinking 4mm airline for air pumps etc in ponds
  • Just drop into the water – no need to add extra weights
  • Constructed using a robust hardwearing PVC based compound
  • High UV light resistance
  • Resistant to kinking and cracking
  • Order by the metre, or in a 100m reel


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