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Evolution Aqua K+ Advanced Filter Media 50 Litres


An advanced filter media with a huge surface area for better filtration. Total surface area of 1350m² per m³ and a protected surface area of 1025m² per m³.

Product Information

Advanced filter media with a huge surface area for better filtration.

This latest media from UK brand Evolution Aqua has a unique manufacturing process that adds minerals and enzymes to the media as it's made. This results in media that outperforms its competitors because of its high surface area, and speeds up the time taken to mature your filter.

Evolution Aqua also recommend using K+ in combination with the Pure Pond and Pure+ Filter Start Gel Ranges to boost bacteria levels. This beneficial bacteria will then stick to the K+ Media which will speed up the maturation process even more.

  • Class leading surface area 1350m² per m³
  • Vast protected surface area 1025m² per m³
  • Filters mature faster
  • Added minerals
  • Unique design for stable bio-film development
  • Exceptional solids removal


Sku: EAKA050

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