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Evolution Aqua evoFeed Automatic Pond Fish Feeder


Evolution Aqua evoFeed Automatic Pond Fish Feeder - Automatic Fish Feeder for Medium to Large sized ponds, with rechargeable battery and variable feeding distance and duration.

Product Information

The evoFeed Automatic from Evolution Aqua is an automatic fish feeder that’s ideal for medium to large ponds. Like other feeders it can be programmed to dispense food at scheduled times throughout the day. What sets this feeder apart however is its ability to propel the food over a fair distance ensuring a more even feeding area, which means that more of your fish get a good feed instead of the less quick or dominant ones losing out. Both the distance the food is propelled and the amount of time the hoppa dispenses for can be adjusted.

evoFeed Auto is weatherproof and can be easily installed at the pond side by use of the included mounting legs and fixing pegs. Another great feature is the rechargeable battery. 1 overnight charge provides enough power for at least 3 months of uninterrupted working (this time could of course be longer, depending on the demands of your particular feeding programme). The adaptor for charging is included and the feeder will also work as normal if plugged directly in to the mains.

The feeder is also specially designed to incorporate a strong motor with extra bottom ventilation over the impeller to prevent food clogging. With its 6 litre capacity it’s ideal for koi ponds where large quantities or frequent feeding is required, and it’s also perfect for feeding while away on holiday.

  • Ideal for medium to large ponds and koi ponds
  • Also perfect for holiday feeding while you are away
  • With a 120° feeding arc and ability to set the distance the food is propelled and the amount of time it’s propelled for, even distributed feeding is ensured
  • Weatherproof
  • Easy to install with included mounting legs and fixing pegs
  • Rechargeable battery – 1 overnight charge is good for 3 months+ feeding
  • Operates normally when plugged in to mains
  • Extra strong motor and bottom ventilation to prevent clogging
  • 6 Litre capacity, dispenses across a 120° arc, from 1 – 3 metres distance


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