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EHEIM Aquaball Internal Filter Replacement Impeller 130/180 - 7655460


Internal Aquarium filter with a spherical flexible head.

Product Information

The EHEIM Aquaball internal aquarium filter has a multi directional head for adjustment of the outflow direction.

It has a different filter media box for different filter media, making it easier to clean and change the media.

Comes complete with original EHEIM filter media. The filter baskets have Easy-Klick locking systems making them clip in and remove with ease and can be filled with a range of media.

The filter volume can be customised as required thanks to its modular system.

EHEIM Aquaball is fillted with a power diffuser for strong oxygen enrichment and a wide jet nozzle for surface water movement.

Comes with strong suction cups to secure filter to the glass.

The Aquaball is suitable for light to moderate fish stocks, and for fresh or marine water.

We stock 3 sizes of EHEIM Aquaball, so to choose the correct one for you please see our EHEIM Aquaball Performance Table.

Sku: EHAQIM130

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