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Ecopond Tadpole Food - Late Stage - 20g


Ecopond Tadpole Food - Late Stage - 20g

Product Information

Frogs and toads are an important part of our ecosystem but, like many other forms of wildlife, they sometimes struggle to survive due to natural or human intervention.

Using Ecopond Tadpole Food (Ecopond were formerly known as Aqua Hydrotech) is the ideal way to keep the amphibian population in your pond and garden healthy. It is a vegetable based food for tadpoles in the early stages of their development.

There are 2 varieties available - Early Stage food and Late Stage Food. Use the Early Stage food in the first few weeks of the tadpoles development. Use the Late Stage food once the tadpoles back legs appear at 6 weeks. Simply scatter a pinch on the pond surface once a day.

Sku: AHLS20

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