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BSPF Pondkraft Pressurised Filter Information

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The PondKraft Pressurised Filter

The PondKraft pressurised filter is a brilliant addition to the PondKraft range, it is well built, using quality materials that will last. Pressurised filters have become a firm favourite with pond owners in recent years, and here at Bradshaws we wanted to bring you our own version, that has a brilliant price tag and that you can trust. We have a range of 4 different models that will cope with most garden goldfish ponds, these can also be bought as a kit with a Pondkraft pump to make them even better value. 

PondKraft Pressurised Filters Further Information Table

PondKraft Pressure ModelG/Fish Pond Size LtrMax Flow LphUV WattageDimensions (mm)




 287 x 278 x 403 





 380 x 350 x 520 





450 x 420 x 520





 425 x 425 x 620

PondKraft Features

Pondkraft Pressurised Filter - Details

Easy Cleaning

One of the biggest selling points of our PondKraft pressurised filter is how easy it is to clean. Cleaning should really be done every two months, this will ensure that you keep your filter in prime condition, which in turn will keep your water as healthy as it possibly can be, to maintain any wildlife that you may want to keep in the pond. You will notice on the below picture that the PondKraft units have a selector dial for changing the direction of the water flow. When set to the clean function, this will direct the water flow back through your filter system. This will then help to dislodge any dirt which has become trapped by your filter foams. This is fed via a hose from the dirty outlet on your filter, straight to either a drain or a flowerbed (pond sludge makes for an excellent fertilizer for the garden, this is due to all the nutrients stored within the decaying fish waste and plant matter). Once the water starts to run clear you can then turn the dial back into its original position, and your filter should be nice and clean for a good two months (depending on pond size and stocking ratios).

Pondkraft Pressurised Filter - Cleaning

Pollution Indicator

As suggested above, a good guide for cleaning your filter out is approximately every two months, but with the clever PondKraft Pressurised Filter, you will receive an early warning if it needs cleaning sooner. The PondKraft Pressure Filter has a pollution warning indicator, which the majority of the time will show green as the unit is working fine and there are no blockages. However when the pollution indicator shows red, this means that the unit is starting to get blocked and that the water is flowing a lot slower through the system due to the fact that the foams need to be cleaned. To clean the foams use the above method and backflush the whole system, and once a year (the foams will last roughly two years) take the foams fully out and wash them clean in a bucket of pond water (it's important not to use tap water as the chlorine will kill any friendly bacteria on the filter foams).

Pondkraft Pressurised Filter - Pollution Indicator Pondkraft Pressurised Filter - Changing Foams

Easy change UV bulb

The bulb on the PondKraft pressurised filter is probably the easiest to change out of all the pressurised filters we sell. The clever design allows you to simply unscrew four screws which then allows you to reach the UV housing. First of all remove the 3 screws on the top of the filter with a Philips screwdriver (see image 1). You will now be able to remove the grey cover to get access to the UV housing which is secured with a single screw (see image 2).

Pondkraft Pressurised Filter - Replacing the Bulb Step 1 Pondkraft Pressurised Filter - Replacing the Bulb Step 2

Remove the single Philips screw and then twist the protruding top of the UV housing approx a half inch to 1 inch in an anti-clockwise direction (see image 3). You will then be able to lift out the UV housing, quartz tube and bulb assembly (see image 4). The quartz tube can then be removed by twisting and unscrewing the plastic securing ring located at the base of the UV housing and the top of the quartz sleeve (see image 4).

Pondkraft Pressurised Filter - Replacing the Bulb Step 3 Pondkraft Pressurised Filter - Replacing the Bulb Step 4

You will now have access to the actual bulb. This can simply be removed and a new one fitted into its place (remember never to handle a new UV bulb as any grease from your hands that is left on the bulb will cause the bulb to break, so make sure you use gloves or a cloth when installing your new bulb). As the UV bulb is mounted in a clear fitting, this allows you to also see if the UV bulb is working or not. During the day it may be a little difficult to see, but at night you will see a steady blue glow from the clear fitting which indicates that the bulb is in full working order (remember that a UV bulb will only work to its optimum for 6 months so change it every spring and it will last all summer, which is when it is needed the most).

Filter Media

As with any filter, a good match of quality biological and mechanical filtration medias are needed to help create and maintain a healthy pond environment for any fish, plants and wildlife that will reside within your pond. With the PondKraft Pressurised Filter you have exceptional quality foams, that have three different densities to make sure that all the solid particles sent from your pump are dealt with efficiently, these will include; fish waste, blanket weed, decaying plants, dust and pollen etc. Once these have been trapped, the friendly bacteria that is grown within your filter help to break down and neutralise the ammonia that is produced from the waste. The good bacteria cultivates within the black plastic rings in the bottom of your PondKraft filter. The friendly bacteria turns nitrites into nitrates, which is basically a plant food, if this process did not happen the nitrites would turn into ammonia and poison your pond water, making it uninhabitable for pond wildlife. To access the foams couldn't be simpler, it's a case of unclipping the clips on the lid of the unit, this will then allow the release of the lid and access to the foams as shown below..

Pondkraft Pressurised Filter - Filter Foams

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