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Blagdon Wildlife Bioactive Sludge Control 250ml


Naturally removes sludge and organic waste from your pond by introducing healthy bacteria to consume the organic waste that makes up pond sludge

Product Information

Blagdon Wildlife Bioactive Sludge Control combats pond sludge by introducing harmless natural bacteria that consumes the organic waste that the sludge is made of.

Used regularly this treatment will reduce pond silt and water clouding. It could also reduce the chances of oxygen depletion in your pond and can mean that you don’t have to clean your filter quite as often. All of this helps lead to a cleaner healthier pond and filter.

  • Naturally combats sludge by natural harmless bacteria that consumes the sludge
  • Helps reduce pond silt
  • Helps reduce water clouding
  • Helps avoid oxygen depletion
  • Safe for your fish and other pets and wildlife
  • Can reduce how often you need to clean your filter
  • Helps create a cleaner healthier pond and filter

Sku: INW2644

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