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SENPND Seneye Pond Water Monitor Information

Seneye Pond Water Monitor Information

Features of the Seneye:

  •     Automatically monitors multiple key parameters
  •     Compatible with any sized pond
  •     Easy to install. Simply float in your pond or place inside a filter
  •     Constantly watches the pond and alerts you before there is a problem
  •     Get alerts however you choose – flashing lights, email * or SMS* (available with Seneye )
  •     Access results and advice worldwide; your data is stored online for easy viewing (available with Seneye )
  •     Track results with automatic graphing (available with Seneye )
  •     Connect to a PC or optional USB power adaptor

Seneye Monitors:

  •     Pond leak monitor
  •     Free ammonia (NH3)*
  •     pH*
  •     Temperature
  •     Light monitoring

Seneye Package Includes:

  •     Seneye device
  •     Pond Float
  •     Seneye  slide (first month)

* (Only available with Seneye )


Seneye is an optional service that customers can purchase directly from Seneye after purchasing the device and accessories from Bradshaws Direct. The Seneye slide monitors free ammonia and pH levels, and allows customers to be alerted via email and SMS. Simply sign up to to activate your account and register your Seneye device. For a monthly subscription of £5.99 you will receive replacement slides direct to your door and full access to the website.

All Seneye devices come with 1 month free Seneye . If you then sign up with Seneye you will get the following services:

  •     Replacement slide on a monthly basis
  •     Email alerts
  •     SMS alerts
  •     Automatic online graphing
  •     Personalised advice and knowledge.


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