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PESP Bradshaws Sinking Pellet Fish Food Information

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Bradshaws Direct Sinking Pellets

Bottom-feeding fish such as sterlet and tench aren't able to eat standard floating pellets and flakes very easily. Bradshaws' Sinking Pellets are specially formulated to sink to the bottom of your pond so they are perfect for bottom-feeding fish.

Sinking pellets contain all the nutrients your fish need to stay healthy, but should only be fed when the water in your pond is above 10ºc. Below this, the metabolism of the fish slows down and they are unable to digest the large amounts of protein in the food. Below these temperatures we recommend that you move on to a wheatgerm food, which is easier to digest.


  •     Wheat
  •     Fish Meal
  •     Soya Dehulled, Extracted, Toasted
  •     Fish Oil
  •     Spray Dried Haemoglobin Powder
  •     Wheat Gluten
  •     Animal Fat
  •     Palm Oil


  •     Crude Protein - 37%
  •     Fat Content 6.5%
  •     Crude Fibres  2.5%
  •     Inorganic Matter 8%
  •     Vitamin A 29,000iu
  •     Vitamin C 714mg
  •     Vitamin D 1,500iu
  •     Vitamin E 100mg
  •     Calcium Iodate Anhydrous 2mg
  •     Culpric Sulphate Pentahydrate 20mg
  •     Ferrous Sulphate Monohydrate 67mg
  •     Maganese Oxide 10mg
  •     Zinc Oxide 34mg

Fish Feeding Information

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