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Oase Pontec PondoThermo Pond Thermometer


Oase Pontec PondoThermo Pond Thermometer - Highly accurate floating pond thermometer with °C and °F scales

Product Information

The Oase Pontec PondoThermo is a highly accurate floating, watertight, pond thermometer, that will help you monitor temperatures in your pond to ensure a healthy optimum environment for your fish. It’s important to monitor pond temperatures as fish behaviour and wellbeing differs according to the water temperature. They will require more or less fish food depending on this.

In Winter for instance when temperatures drop below 10°C your fish will go into a more dormant state and will require less food. Also certain pond treatment products can only be used above a particular temperature. Therefore it's clear to see that not having essential information such as water temperature could in certain circumstances result in harm to your fish.

With a clear reading in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, and 1.5m of cord for fastening and positioning, this floating thermometer is just the thing to help you care for your aquatic pets.

  • Highly accurate floating pond thermometer for monitoring water temp to ensure the optimum conditions for fish health
  • Clear readout in both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales
  • Floats on the surface for easy monitoring
  • Attached to 1.5m cord for easy positioning and retrieval
  • Convenient size – 190mm length by 45mm diameter at the top (float end), and 20mm at the bottom end

Sku: OA43190

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