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Oase SwimSkim CWS Pond Skimmer (SwimSkim 50)


Oase SwimSkim CWS Pond Skimmer (SwimSkim 50)
Out of StockDUE 25th Jul 2024

Product Information

The Oase Swimskim CWS clears the pond surface of leaves and other debris that cause pond problems. It has a built in pump that drags the debris into an easily emptied basket.

There is a whirlpool feature that stirs up the bottom of the pond, and an aerator function that supplies the pond with valuable oxygen.

  • 3500 lph pump
  • 600 lph aerator function
  • For ponds up to 50 square metres. 
  • Only 45 watts
  • 3 year guarantee

We now also sell a range of spares including a replacement foam for the Swimskim CWS.

Sku: OASS02

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