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Velda AquaTester Pro Water Tester


Velda AquaTester Pro Water Tester - measures the most important water values in just a few seconds.

Product Information

Dip the indicator strip in the water sample, wait for 60 seconds, then simply slide the indicator past the electronic sensor and it’ll tell you the results. You can use the Bluetooth connection to send the results to your smartphone or tablet. Downloading the free Pond Test app will give you a complete pond diagnosis and tell you what you need to do to fix any problems. 

  • No scientific knowledge is needed to understand your pond water
  • Track the water quality as it changes over time, the app has clear graphics to show you this
  • Find out in simple language what the results mean
  • App is compatible with android and Apple
  • Fast and simple to use – no fiddly measuring or comparing with colour charts

Aqua Tester Pro measures

  • pH – the acidity of the water, important for water quality and algae control and affects free ammonia levels
  • NO2 – Nitrite. Too much is harmful to fish
  • NO3 – Nitrates. High levels cause algae growth and green water
  • KH carbonate hardness. Low KH can slow down the growth of oxygenating plants
  • GH general hardness. High values can cause mineral deposits and cloudy water
  • TA – alkalinity. Helps determine the stability of the pH. Fish don’t like changes in pH levels
  • Comes with 25 testing strips. Tests for ammonia and phosphate are in development and should be released soon.


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