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TetraPond UV Booster Pond Treatment


TetraPond UV Booster Pond Treatment
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Product Information

UV Booster from Tetra put the sparkle back into your pond water.

Over time, dissolved organic matter can build up in your pond and lead to problems such as bad odours, water discolouration and surface foam. This can be unsightly and also has an effect on the health of the pond.

Tetra Pond UV Booster is a new way to help solve this problem. Simply dose your pond with the UV Booster and, when it is actived by your ultra violet clarifier (UVC), it will break down and oxidise the dissolved organic matter. This will reduce discolouration, bad smells and foaming as well as nitrite levels and unwanted oxygen consumption.

Tetrapond UV Booster is available in two sizes:

Using the dosage cap, add 50ml for every 1,000 litres. In case of heavy contamination repeat treatment after 24h. Afterwards repeat dosage weekly as needed.


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