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Rockways Rustic Slate Watercourse Middle Section


A realistic, modular waterfall that can be positioned however you want.
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Product Information

This incredibly realistic, slate finish watercourse comes in three parts. This lets you position each part to make the waterfall you want.

If you want to make the waterfall bigger you could order an extra middle section. Or if you'd like to go smaller, just order the top and bottom sections. Each part is made from reinforced concrete.

There's a discreet hose inlet in the top section for 32-40mm hose and the suggested flow rate is 2500-4000 Lph

Resin Version

We can also supply this waterfall in fibreglass resin. This version is the same but comes in one piece rather than being split into three. it's a lot lighter but doesn't give you the same options for placing it as the modular version. Prices are the same, just order the one you want.

Waterall Kit Offer

Buy all three pieces of the waterfall and you'll get a PondKraft Eco Pump 3500 and 5 metres of 32mm diameter hose and clips. All for a great price.


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