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PondKraft Solar Fountain Pump Plus 400 - BSPA0400A


PondKraft Solar Fountain Pump Plus 400 - BSPA0400A

Product Information

The easiest way to add a fountain!

This fountain pump lets you have a fountain without a mains connection, and without running costs, using the power of the sun.

It has a built-in battery, the ultra-modern lithium ion type that stores more power.

Includes a memory function, if you turn it on at 5pm it will run as long as it can then turn off. Next day it will turn on again at 5pm and every day until you set a new time.

  • Capacity - 400lph
  • Integrated lithium battery
  • 2 Fountain heads – 1x Bell Jet fountain head, 1 x 3 tiered fountain head
  • 1 Jet nozzle
  • 80cm Max fountain height
  • Rear control panel

Sku: BSPA0400A

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