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pH7 Calibration and pH4 Storage Solution For Hanna pH tester


pH7 Calibration and pH4 Storage Solution For Hanna pH tester

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Special Offer! Buy both pH solutions for £3.99!

All pH meters need to be calibrated on a regular basis. As time passes by and with regular use, pH meters can lose their accuracy.

To calibrate, ensure the electrode is clean and dry, and put it into a sachet of pH7 buffer and wait for about 30 seconds for the reading to settle. If the reading is outside of the range stated on the sachet, use the screwdriver trimmer to adjust the display to read 7.01.

If you store this sachet in a dry environment away from heat or cold, you can use this sachet or buffer a few more times. Recalibration can be done once a week, or if you use the pH meter less regularly, calibrate before each usage.

After calibration, rinse the meter (without letting any water go above the max line) and shake to dry. The probe should be stored in pH4 Storage solution when not in use. Always rinse the pH4 Storage solution off before taking a reading.


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