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Oase Water Trio 3 Jet Decorative Water Fountain with LEDs


Oase Water Trio 3 Jet Decorative Water Fountain with LEDs for Gardens and Ponds - 3 jet fountain with variable and programmable water patterns and LED illumination

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Product Information

The Oase Water Trio is part of Oase’s new generation of water features that allow you to create dazzling dancing water displays by the use of multiple water jets, programmed patterns and LED illumination.

Each of the 3 illuminated water nozzle heads allow for some angular adjustment, meaning you can vary the water throw, and there are 9 programmed display options available to choose from. Not only that, you can also vary the light intensity and fountain height to give you loads of options to create a multitude of dynamic water displays. The fountain height can be varied from 30cm to an impressive 1.4m

You can set and select your desired display patterns and programmes via the included remote control unit from up to 80m away. Installation is easy thanks to Oase’s ‘Plug n Spray’ concept, meaning you can transform your garden or terrace into a symphony of light and sound in no time at all. The system is also extremely flexible when it comes to positioning as it can be located not only in your pond but also on a terrace or patio, or even recessed in a gravel bed or decorative planter so that only the water jets and illumination shows.

Everything is powered by a safe energy efficient 12v transformer, and for peace of mind comes with a 2 year guarantee, which is extendable by a further year upon registering.

  • High quality fountain allows you to create dynamic water displays
  • 3 illuminated fountain nozzles create jets that can vary by angle, height, pattern and light intensity
  • 9 pre-set programmes to vary the display pattern
  • Easy installation and flexible positioning
  • Low energy consumption safe 12v transformer
  • 2 year guarantee, extendable to 3 years upon registration

(Please note that these are special order products with up to a 7 working day lead time on delivery)

Sku: OA50240

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