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Oase ProMax Pressure 6000 Irrigation Pump


Oase ProMax Pressure 6000 Irrigation Pump - Versatile irrigation pump suitable for all kinds of wells, cisterns and even shallow water tanks

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The Oase ProMax Pressure 6000 Irrigation Pump is a submersible pressure pump capable of delivering a maximum flow rate of 6000lph at a maximum pressure of 5.7bar. The ProMax Pressure has been designed with versatility in mind and as such it can be situated in either a vertical or horizontal position, thanks to the innovative base stand which can be used in different configurations (see images for examples). The base unit also incorporates special rubber inserts that aid with noise dampening, enabling quiet running. The addition of a generous 30m cable run means that this pump can be used in a wide variety of locales including vertical shafts, wells, cisterns, reservoirs and shallow water tanks. With safety in mind the pump also features thermal dry run protection.

  • Automatic water supply: From your own well, shaft or cistern with 6000 litres per hour and maximum 5.7 bar
  • Powerful and quiet: 8-stage pump mechanism for low-noise installation in well water or cistern water
  • Practical: Base for different setup variants - base is especially designed for cistern application with rubber inserts for noise reduction
  • Safe: Equipped with a thermal protection switch


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