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Oase Pontec PondoPolar Ice Preventer


Oase Pontec PondoPolar Ice Preventer

Product Information

The Pontec PondoPolar Ice Preventer is a simple but highly effective solution to the problem of ponds icing over. An Iced over pond is a danger as it will prevent the natural exchange of oxygen at a pond's surface and trap harmful toxic gases within your pond - gases which can harm or even kill your fish.

Made of polystyrene the PondoPolar is a float device which will stop a small area of your pond surface from freezing over. Effective down to temperatures of -10°C, the vent slots will allow harmful gases out and fresh oxygen in. As well as the vent slots the ingenious design also incorporates a ballast chamber that can be used to weigh the device down using sand to create a semi-submerged placement, or to stop it from blowing away in high winds.

  • Prevents your pond from completely freezing over  - keeps your fish safe
  • Design incorporates vent slots for gas exchange
  • Incorporates ballast chamber to weigh down device
  • Can be used to -10°C

Sku: OA36825

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