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Oase OxyTex Pond Aerator 400 CWS (OxyTex Only)


Oase OxyTex Pond Aerator 400 CWS (OxyTex Only)

Product Information

OxyTex is a world first from Oase. It is a combination of aeration, circulation and settlement, supplementing any filter system.

Air is pumped up through the OxyTex by your air pump (no air pump is included in the OxyTex only set) and the green fibres create ideal conditions for bacteria to thrive and break down pond waste. The column of aerated water sets up a circulation system that drags more unaerated and dirtier water into the bottom of the OxyTex and the cycle starts again.

The OxyTex is guaranteed to increase the capacity of a Filtomatic by 25% and will have a dramatic effect on other filters.

  • 2 year guarantee
  • Decorative plant-effect design

Available separately or as a set with an Oase AquaOxy air pump:

  • OxyTex CWS - OxyTex only
  • OxyTex 400 Set - AquaOxy 400 and 1 x OxyTex
  • OxyTex 1000 Set - AquaOxy 1000 and 1 x OxyTex
  • OxyTex 2000 Set - AquaOxy 2000 and 2 x OxyTex

Sku: OAOXT50443

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