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Oase OxyMax Aquarium Air Pumps


Oase OxyMax Aquarium Air Pumps - Easily adds vital oxygen to help create a healthy environment in any aquarium

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Product Information

Oase OxyMax Aquarium Air Pumps allow you to easily add vital oxygen to your aquarium, which aids in the health and well-being of your fish and helps to keep the water moving. The Oase Aquarium OxyMax features the same robust reliable design approach that the German company has become famous for in all its products. Meaning that these aerators are all but silent in operation and robust and reliable enough to give years of trouble free service even in continuous operation.

Each pump comes complete with all the requisite air-line and air outlets required to get up and running straight away. Installation is made easy with the options of either hanging the pump via the top hook eyelet, or by installing free-standing on its sturdy base. You can adjust the output rate via the dial on the front of the device, and you can even vary the bubble pattern via the integrated air diffuser.

  • Easily add oxygen to your aquarium to aid in creating a healthy environment for your fish
  • Oase's robust reliable design allows for nearly silent, hassle free continuous operation
  • Adjustable air output rate and adjustable bubble patterns
  • Can be installed free-standing or hung via the hanging eyelet at the top of the device
  • Comes complete with air lines and air outlets to get up and running fast


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