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Oase Nozzle Cluster Eco 15 - 38


Oase Nozzle Cluster Eco 15 - 38 - economically delivers a single 38mm plume of water up 10m high by combining 21 individual water jets. Use to creates stunning displays!

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Product Information

The Oase Nozzle Cluster Eco 15-38 delivers a concentrated vertical plume of water 38mm (1½”) wide, up to 10m (33ft) height. The ingenious device does this in an extremely economical way by combining 21 closely clustered individual jets into one concentrated plume. This of course uses far less water and power then the equivalent size single jet plume.

Oase’s specially designed deflecting blade technology enhances this Eco effect and ensures a uniform plume. The result is a stunning fountain display especially when combined with a suitable lighting set such as the excellent Oase LunAqua Power LED Spotlight Sets. Thanks to the sturdy 304 Stainless Steel construction the unit can be used in fresh, chlorinated and even salt water.

  • Economically delivers a jet of water plume 38mm (1½”) wide up to 10m(33ft) high for stunning fountain displays (when connected to a suitable fountain pump)
  • Creates impressive fountain displays when connected to a suitable pump
  • Compatible with lighting sets such as Oase LunAqua Power LED Spotlight Sets to create stunning movement and light displays
  • Constructed from 304 Stainless Steel so can be used in fresh, chlorinated and even salt water

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