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Oase Highline Aquariums and Accessories


Oase Highline Aquariums and Accessories - A sleek stylish contemporary aquarium range from premium German Brand Oase

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Product Information

Oase Highline Aquariums - and a whole range of associated accessories are a completely new product line from this leading aquatics manufacturer. Famous for their high quality reliable pond product range the German brand are now looking to bring the same innovative premium design ethos to indoor aquatics.  

Highline Aquariums are sleek, stylish and bring a host of innovations to help make keeping an aquarium easier. Highline are available in a choice of 3 sizes and 3 contemporary finishes, meaning you’re sure to find the one to suit your décor and available space.

The cabinets, available in Natural Oak, High Gloss White and High Gloss Black Anthracite finishes, are designed to fit perfectly with other necessary equipment such as external filters, hoses and cabling. Oase Biomaster External Filters are an ideal fit, nestling easily upon the pull-out shelf within the bottom cabinet. The shelf slides out making it simple for you to take advantage of the Biomaster’s EasyClean system. Couple your Highline with the Biomaster and you’ll enjoy minimal maintenance requirements and reliable trouble free service. A dry shaft and plenty of integrated holes and recesses allow for easy concealment of all cables, fittings and hosing.

The tank itself features an aluminium base and cover that not only look great – the cover also incorporates Oase’s LED lighting, an aluminium effect strip to cover gravel and water edge – meaning easy access with no mess, and there’s even a feeding flap so that you don’t have to lift the whole cover at feeding time. The feeding flap is also designed to fit the Oase Fishguard Automatic Feeder.

The lighting system is integrated within the top unit, meaning the cover can be fully opened with the lighting system still in place – making cleaning and maintenance tasks hassle free. The latest energy efficient LED technology is utilised, which also perfectly matches a daylight lighting spectrum, while showing off your tank and its inhabitants to the best. What you have here is a lighting system that will create just the right atmosphere and will even aid the growth of aquarium plants.

As well as having a dedicated pull-out shelf specifically for housing an external filter, the base cabinet still has plenty of room for other storage too. The right hand side of the cabinet has a shelf inside, to which you can also add a storage drawer (available as an optional extra). If desired you can also purchase an additional shelf and drawer so that you can have up to 2 storage shelves and drawers in total.

Available Soon - Phone for details


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