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Oase FiltoSmart and FiltoSmart Thermo External Aquarium Filters


Oase FiltoSmart and FiltoSmart Thermo External Aquarium Filters - High quality, robust and reliable aquarium filters for small to medium sized tanks with medium fish stock

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Product Information

The FiltoSmart and FiltoSmart Thermo are high quality external aquarium filters from premium German brand Oase. Respected for years throughout the pond industry and with a reputation for high quality, robust, reliable products, Oase now bring that same design ethos to their brand new range of aquarium products.

FiltoSmart and FiltoSmart Thermo can be located discreetly outside the aquarium. Oase designed them to be compact, so that they can be placed next to or behind small to medium sized tanks, or in the case of the FiltoSmart 60, can even be attached to the outside of your tank with the FiltoSmart 60 Mounting Bracket (available for purchase separately).

The FiltoSmart 60 is an entry level external filter that’s ideal for smaller tanks up to 60 litres with medium fish stock. In smaller tanks this is a great space saving solution – locating the filter outside leaves more room for fish and aquascaping inside.

All sizes of FiltoSmart offer multi-stage biological and mechanical filtration, and a large filter area in a compact space, to help produce crystal clear, healthy water.

FiltoSmart 100 – 300  - Suitable for tanks up to 300 litres with medium fish stock.

As well as the above attributes, the 100 – 300 models also come with a host of other features including:

  • Shut off mechanism – ensures no water escapes when performing essential maintenance
  • Adjustable flow rate that can be adjusted both on the inflow and outflow adapter
  • EasyClick opening mechanism allows quick easy access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Secure and stable base for positioning free-standing
  • 200 – 300 models also come with integrated carrying handle

FiltoSmart Thermo 100 - 300 – The FiltoSmart 100 – 300 are also available in Thermo versions which incorporate the Oase Aquarium HeatUp adjustable heater. The Oase Aquarium HeatUp can also easily be retro-fitted to any existing FiltoSmart via the use of the ThermoFit FiltoSmart (Oase Aquarium HeatUp not included with the ThermoFit FiltoSmart).

Full range of replacement Filter Foams and Filter Media available also.


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