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Oase Filtoclear Pressurised Filter (UVC) 6000


Oase Filtoclear Pressurised Filter (UVC) 6000
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Product Information

Crystal Clear water and easy maintenance are the promise of the Oase Filtoclear 6000. With two types of foam to remove solid particles and a UV to get rid of green water this German engineered filter is a great choice.

Oase make excellent products with innovative design ideas and the Filtoclear is a good example. The inlets and outlets are at the top of the filter allowing it to be buried in the garden with only the top showing. A pump is needed to push water into the filter, via a hose, and after the water is cleaned it leaves the filter, again via hose, to go to your waterfall or back into the pond.

Inside the filter the water is exposed to UV light first and this makes all the little particles of green algae clump together before they reach the foams where they, along with all other dirt, can be removed. What comes out of the outlet pipe is clean, clear water. When the filter foams start to become saturated with the dirt from your pond they will need to be cleaned and this is where the Oase Filtoclear 6000 comes into its own. The flow can be reversed by turning a simple dial on the top of the filter and the water will start to flow out of a waste pipe at the back of the filter lid. There is a strong handle on the top of the filter which, when pumped, agitates the foams knocking off the dirt that has collected on them to be flushed out to waste. Once the waste water runs clear the dial can be turned back to the run setting and that's it.

  • Simple cleaning function
  • Clear water guaranteed
  • 20-40mm hose
  • 11 watt UV
  • 2 year guarantee

Sku: OAFL0600

Lifetime Guarantee

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