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Oase BioCompact Internal Aquarium Filters


Oase BioCompact Internal Aquarium Filters - Efficient filters for smaller aquariums up to 50 litres. Can also be installed horizontally - for use in paludariums for instance

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Product Information

Oase BioCompact Internal Aquarium Filters are perfect for smaller sized aquariums up to 50 litres. Extremely quiet and efficient in operation - and with the long life reliability for which Oase products are famous – you can’t go wrong with this as your choice for an internal aquarium filter. It also comes with everything you need to get up and running fast.

The filter uses fine active charcoal foam that provides a large surface area filter media, while still maintaining a compact size. With the BioCompact 50 you also have the option of replacing the supplied filter media with an alternative of your choice. Flow control is provided via the diffuser which also helps to improve aeration. There are suction cups for attaching to aquarium glass, however the BioCompact can also be positioned horizontally which offers great versatility – and can even in fact be used in paludariums for instance - where water depth may be an issue.

  • Extremely quiet, efficient and reliable internal aquarium filter suitable for continuous use
  • Fine active charcoal foam with a large biomedia surface area in a compact space, ensures optimum filtration for clean and clear water
  • Adjustable flow rate via diffuser
  • Attach via suction cups or can even be installed horizontally to suit shallower water environments such as paludariums
  • 2 sizes available to suit any aquarium up to 50 litres


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