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Oase Aquarium Fish Nets


Oase Aquarium Fish Nets - Robust high quality nets suitable for all aquariums

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Product Information

A fish net is an essential piece of maintenance kit for any fish keeper and they don't come any better than these quality robust nets from Oase. Part of Oase's extensive new aquarium and indoor aquatics range these nets are black in colour, making them easy to locate visually in your tank when using, and feature durable netting of 0,9mm in width.

Suitable for any tank or aquarium they are jus the thing for removing, moving or introducing fish, or even for extracting floating debris and other materials. The black metal stem and rims are less reflective and so are less likely to startle fish.

  • Durable, robust 0.9mm wide black netting
  • Black stems and rims means less reflections to startle your fish
  • Available in 4 sizes to suit everything from the smallest bowls to larger tanks


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