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Oase AquaAir 250


Oase AquaAir 250 - pond and lake aerator for bodies of water up to 250 000 litres

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Product Information

The Oase AquaAir 250 is a floating aerator that can provide enough oxygen for bodies of water up to 250 000 litres. Part of Oase’s Lake Management (LM) range the integrated pump supplies an air and water mixture using the venturi principle.

The high volume flow creates a sufficient air supply through the entire body of water – both shallow and deeper water zones. This is achieved by use of the adjustable flow injector nozzle which can be angled to provide optimal aeration and can deliver oxygen input with a depth penetration of up to 4 metres.

As it’s a floating aerator it can be positioned wherever you like – even quieter areas of the pond or lake which may be particularly prone to low oxygenation due to lack of water movement. Once located you can fix it in position with the anchoring and fastening components supplied.

In bodies of water up to 250m² the Oase AquaAir 250 will produce the vital oxygen to ensure top water quality, healthier fish and plants, and will alleviate problems such as algae infestation, silt and odour nuisance.

  • Provides enough oxygen to ensure good water quality and healthy fish and plants in lakes or ponds up to 250 000 litres (55500 gallons).
  • Free floating design and pondside anchoring kit means ease of location, even in low oxygen areas
  • Adjustable angled flow injector nozzle ensures both deep and shallow zones are effectively aerated, with a penetration depth to 4 metres
  • High volume flow of air water mix produced through the venturi principle (to 30000lph)
  • Air displacement up to 8500lph
  •  Fastening and anchoring equipment supplied
  • 2 year guarantee

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