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Netfloat Heron Deterrent Panels


Floating net sections interlock together to protect your pond from herons, cats and other potential predators. Maintains the look and aesthetic appeal of your pond by being totally unobtrusive and practically unnoticable from a short distance away. Ingenious system of interlocking nets - easy to install.

Easily cut to shape around plants or other obstacles.

Netfloat Fitting Instructions

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Product Information

The Netfloat Panels are an innovative system of easy to connect panels to protect your pond and fish from potential predators such as herons and cats. Unlike other protection systems (which to be honest can sometimes be a bit of an eyesore) this pond cover is practically invisible from just a few metres away due to being quite fine, and dark in colour.

Individual net sections link together and build up to cover your pond. This system allows good protection at the perimeter of your pond (where most predators would strike), while allowing you to keep an area at the centre of your pond clear. The system is also easily removable for cleaning and maintenance tasks.


Best for smaller ponds.

Each ring measures approximately 30cm x 35cm, and a pack of 20 covers approximately 4 metre circumference

To calculate the panels required; run a hose pipe or piece of string around the circumference of your pond and measure the length you require.

Netfloat Fitting Instructions


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