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Lotus Pond Guard Laser Heron Deterrent


A hi-tech ingenious and effective way to scare herons and other pests away from your pond. Uses laser light and sound to detect and deter heron and other predators

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The brand new Lotus Pond Guard Laser Heron Deterrent is a hi-tech ingenious and effective way to scare herons and other pests away from your pond, It’s the bang up to date modern way to protect your cherished pond inhabitants from injury or worse!

Herons in particular are a danger to pond fish all year round. In the springtime herons are on the search for fish to feed their young. In the summer months young heron have matured enough to be on the hunt themselves (fish are the heron’s main prey). In autumn and winter the normal food supply is limited and pond fish become easy prey for hungry herons. With their long beaks even if they don’t steal your fish away, they could still do some serious damage.

So that’s where this Hi-Tech solution comes in. See below for the top features of this amazing pond protection device:

  • Ultra-sonic 4 frequency built-in motion detector
  • Motion sensor covers a 10 metre, 120° arc
  • Emits a circular array of green laser light. Herons, along with other birds see a different light spectrum to humans. They’re actually particularly sensitive to green light and perceive the rotating pattern of green laser light as solid moving objects, and will interpret this as danger
  • Can also be set to emit barking dog and poisonous frog sounds – these sounds mimic the natural enemies of the heron
  • 4 way switch to select between day/night mode or laser and sound/laser only
  • Compact size – 50cm x 7cm with a 13cm fixing spike
  • 5m cable length and plug in transformer

Sku: LTPG01

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