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Interpet Midipond Duo Filter System


Interpet Midipond Duo Filter System
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Product Information

The Midipond Duo Filter System consists of a Blagdon Midipond filter and a Force Hybrid filter pump. Both of these components are matched to deliver optimum performance.

With their ultra-modern filters and unique five stage filter design the Blagdon Minipond and Midipond guarantee water clarity and are great value for money. As well as the usual stages they have a polymer wool pad to polish the water and a carbon impregnated pad that removes pollutants.

Midipond Duo System 10000 includes:
Midipond Filter 10000- max. flow 5000lph, 5w UV
Midipond Pump 4500- max. fountain 1.6m
Hose x 5metres
Clips x 4

Midipond Duo System 14000 includes:
Midipond Filter 14000- max. flow 7000lph, 24w UV
Force Hybrid Pump 6000
Hose x 5metres
Clips x 4


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