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Hozelock 4 LPH Automatic Dripper (2785)


Hozelock 4 LPH Automatic Dripper For Garden Irrigation (2785)

Product Information

Hozelock Garden Irrigation Solutions, helping to make your life easier by allowing you to create an automatic system for watering your garden.

- Advanced pressure compensating 4 LPH end of line dripper. Made from tough UV stable plastic.

- Use end of line (ie at the end of a hose )

- Always gives 4lph regardless of position in system.

- Flow based on 1.5 bar pressure. Built in filter, Automatically self cleans, Automatically shuts off when pressure below 1 bar.

- Good for hangign baskets, troughs, growbags borders, greenhouses, cloches, vegetable gardens

- Use at the base of small plants, secure with a stake.

- Pack of 5.


Sku: HW2785

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