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Oase BioTec Premium 80000 EGC All In One Drum Filter and Filter Kit


All in One filter system with drum filter technology

SPECIAL OFFER: Get a Pondovac Classic worth £184.99 FREE with every Biotec Premium 80000 Kit

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Product Information

The BioTec Premium 80000 is an innovative intelligent filter system featuring drum filter technology. This is the most efficient and modern self-cleaning filter available.

  • Will suit a pond without fish (nature pond) of up to 80,000 litres
  • Will suit a pond with low fish stocks (fish pond) of up to 40,000 litres
  • Will suit a pond with high fish stocks (koi pond) of up to 20,000 litres

Water is pumped into the unit from a filter pump in the pond, ideally an Aquamax Eco Premium. This then passes through a series of screens in a rotating drum that block the passage of even tiny particles of debris (over 150 µm).The clean water then goes into a chamber containing a series of foams that are colonised by friendly bacteria which remove nitrite and ammonia from the water.

As the screens become blocked the drum rotates and a high pressure pump jets the debris off the screen and into a waste pipe, removing it from the filter. The timing of this cleaning is automatic and means that manual cleaning is a thing of the past.

A Bitron UVC can be attached to the filter on the inlet side and further modules from the Oase Proficlear range can be added after this filter, if required. An electronic micro controller allows for fine tuning of all the features. Unlike other drum filters a fresh water connection is not required. The inlet is either 40 or 50mm and the outlet is 110mm. There is a waste outlet that can be either 110 or 75mm, both are included.Flow rate into the unit should be between 7,500 and 12,500 litres per hour.

BioTec Premium 80000 Kit:

With the kit, as well as the BioTec Premium 80000 you'll also get the Aquamax Eco Premium 12000, which is the best pump to compliment the BioTec Premium and the Bitron Eco 120 UV. As a bit of an extra special offer we're also throwing in a Pondovac Classic worth £184.99 absolutely FREE.

Kit Includes:

  • Biotec 80000 Premium
  • Aquamax Eco Premium 12000
  • Bitron Eco 120 UV
  • Pondovac Classic absolutely FREE

SPECIAL OFFER: Get a Pondovac Classic worth £184.99 FREE with every Biotec Premium 80000 Kit

Now fully compatible with the Oase Easy Garden Control (EGC) System. Just connect compatible devices to allow amazing control options via the accompanying phone and tablet app. Control your devices from anywhere via WiFi - even away from home. 

(Please note that there is up to a 2 week lead time on these items as they are special order from Germany)


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