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Oxygenating Plants

21st Nov 2019

Oxygenating pond plants can grow when fully submerged in water. Each species of oxygenator will have a maximum submersion depth, normally no deeper than 40 - 80cm, which is indicated on the information ticket. Most species will prefer to grow towards the surface and out of the water.The name ‘oxygenator’ can be a little misleading. Like all plants, oxygenators will release oxygen while photosynthesising during the day time, because these plants are usually fully submerged, all their expelled oxygen is released into the pond water, but all plants absorb oxygen through the night. A pond with a lot of oxygenators can become starved of oxygen on a warm night, which can cause fish to suffocate.Oxygenators provide a fantastic underwater habitat for fish and pond wildlife, and absorb a lot of the pond’s nitrates which would otherwise feed unwanted algae. Most oxygenators are sold potted, similar to marginal plants but some species don’t require a substrate to be planted in and can be added to the pond in weighted bunches, although it is normally recommended to plant them in baskets as the bunches tend to migrate towards the pond pump, and having relatively vigorous growth can spread across the entire pond.