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biOrb Life Aquariums


biOrb Life Aquariums
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Product Information

The biOrb life range contains 3 cold-water aquariums suitable for small fish, or goldfish. The aquariums are made from acrylic which is ten times stronger than glass. This also makes them perfect for homes with children and pets. Not only are they practical, they make an attractive addition to a coffee table or work surface.

The biOrb range uses special ceramic media to provide biological filtration. Any excess waste is collected and held in a filter cartridge at the base of the biOrb. All aquariums are supplied with an intelligent LED light which automatically replicates a natural 24 hour light cycle. The lights and pump are low voltage and come with a 12 month guarantee.

To maintain the life of your biOrb, you simply need to replace the filter cartridge every four weeks and change a third of the water. Tropical fish can be kept in biOrbs with the addition of a biOrb heater pack (available separately).

The biOrb life range comes in three different sizes: 30, 45 and 60 litres.

    biOrb 30
  • Height: 16 inches (41cm)
  • Width: 16 inches (40cm)
  • Depth: 9.5 inches (23cm)
  • Weight: (Full): 78 pounds (35kg)
  • Available in white, black or red

    biOrb 45
  • Height: 23 inches (58cm)
  • Width: 15 inches (38cm)
  • Depth: 10 inches (26cm)
  • Weight (Full): 111 pounds (50kg)
  • Available in white, black or red

    biOrb 60
  • Height: 25 inches (63cm)
  • Width: 16.5 inches (42cm)
  • Depth: 11 inches (28cm)
  • Weight (Full): 144 pounds (65kg)
  • Available in white, black or red

The larger size of the biOrb Life 60 makes it ideal for keeping larger and more advanced fish species.

What's in the box

  • Your aquarium
  • 12V Intelligent LED Light
  • Ceramic media
  • Air stone
  • Filter cartridge
  • 12v transformer
  • Low-voltage air pump
  • Water conditioner and beneficial bacteria liquid
  • Fish food
  • Instructions

Please note that orders on any biOrb products may take up to ten days for delivery.


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